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Supporting New Business

Seeing new businesses centered around the German culture succeed is one of the most important goals at German Pulse and Connect, so we want to do all that we can to help those getting started make an impact on the community. We offer specialized services to new businesses at no cost to help them connect with the community, their customers and similar businesses who are open to providing amazing insight.

Learn From Those Who Did

Why do it alone? Hundreds of German restaurants or bars like your own have succeeded around the country, and we want to connect you with the ones that can assist you the most. We believe in a community working together to solve both the typical problems any business may face getting started and also the ones specific to the German-American community. Skip the mistakes and focus on the road to success.

Starter Upgrade

We understand the importance of getting your name out there when you first open the doors. We also understand that every dollar counts as each new customer helps offset the high costs of just getting started. So we want to help get you started with our Starter Upgrade package that is exclusive to new businesses, and the best part is the upgrade is completely free!

What You Get

  • Email blast to registered users in your area
  • Connect Ad+ for 1 month
  • Promoted listing for 3 months
  • Connection to industry business owners
  • 100 Connect review cards


The Starter Upgrade is available to verified businesses on Connect that have opened their doors for business within the last three months. Documentation to verify dates may be requested.

New businesses that opened within three to six months can still qualify for a limited upgrade consisting of 1 month of promoted listing on Connect and assistance connecting to helper businesses.